FREEDOM DEAL: Cambodia and Vietnam War Related Resources

Fictionalized drama, 'Freedom Deal: the Story of Lucky', set in 1970 during the Cambodia Incursion along the margins of the US-Vietnam War |

For background on the Cambodian civil war in the context of the US-Vietnam conflict, read this startling, 1st person account:

  • 'The Khmer Republic at War and the Final Collapse' by Lt. Gen. Sak Sutsakhan. An inside look at the 1970′s civil war in Cambodia, including references to the US-ARVN Incursion which forms the backdrop to ‘Freedom Deal: The Story of Lucky’ DOWNLOAD the PDF

Access the massive Vietnam War archival collection at Texas Tech University:

'Freedom Deal' recommends the Vietnam War archive at Texas Tech University

The US National Archives has a wealth of records and information documenting the U.S. experience in the Vietnam conflict:

The US National Archives maintains an extensive collection of materials related to the US-Vietnam Conflict, aka Vietnam War, aka 2nd Indochinese Conflict

'GI Says', a short Vietnam-War themed documentary by filmmaker Jason Rosette (the filmmaker-producer behind 'Freedom Deal')

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